Brought to you from Social Point the developers behind many popular facebook and android based games such as Dragon City and World Chef.descriptive essay Works Only Under These Conditions. Monster Legends is a free to download and free to play game, with in game purchases which lets you collect, breed and battle your team of monsters. With Monster Legends you can enjoy Player Vs Player (PVP) action, as well as a Role Playing (RPG) system.

monster legendsWithin the RPG system you can grind and level up your monsters, in order to power them up ready for battle. Not only that, you can also feed and breed your monsters with each other to create new and rare monsters.

There are well in excess of three hundred monsters to collect,How You Can (Do) do my homework Almost Instantly breed and battle with and with a new monster appearing every week there is unlimited fun to be had.

There is even more fun to be had in creating your own Monster Legends island where you can customize and cfreate your own island filled with temples, habitats and farms. With each monster enjoying different habitats be careful how you build your island for maximum power!

When you are ready to battle your monsters, take to the multiplayer battle arena for PVP action, collecting resources and leveling up along the way. Fear? Not If You Use essay help The Right Way! If you would rather join a team and fight in an alliance then you can also do this in the team wars challenge. All of this is rounded up within a world league where the best players and teams are fighting for the top spot.

Monster Legends Breeding

Each different monster is from a different element, there are nine different elements within the game which are the following: Fire, Water, Nature, Thunder, Light, Magic, Dark, Earth and Legendary.paper writer - So Simple Even Your Kids Can Do It Monsters from different elements can be cross bread together to form a hybrid. It is through breeding monsters of different elements together (hybrids) which is used to create the more rare monsters such as legendary monsters.

Some of the more unusual monsters people would like to know how to breed are the legendary monsters. Below I have listed some of the Legendary monsters people would like to know how to breed, along with combinations in order to breed them.

Monster 1
Monster 2
Monster Result
Monster Result




Drop Elemental












Drop Elemental

Lord of the Atlantis






There are eight standard habitats and two special habitats within the game, with each monster being assigned their own type of habitat they must be placed in. However a hybrid monster (which is a monster bred from two different elements) can be placed within either of it’s two parent’s (elements) habitats.

A legendary monster must be placed inside of a legendary habitat, with the offspring of a legendary monster also needing to be placed inside a legendary habitat, The Secret Of research paper writing service even if the legendary monster was bred with a standard element monster.

As an example of the requirements for the different levels of an habitat below is a chart of the fire habitat, along with each level’s requirements and features.

Fire Habitat

HabitatMax MonstersMax GoldCost (Gold/Food)Build TimeSizeLevel Available
Fire 121000100 (G)15 seconds5x51
Fire 2230002000 (G)10 minutes5x57
Fire 3260006000 (G)1 hour5x510
Fire 4390001800 (F)2 hours5x513
Fire 531200084000 (G)12 hours5x516
Fire 6315000120000 (G)1 day5x521
Fire 741800032400 (F)1.5 days5x525
Fire 8421000210000 (G)2 days5x529


In Monster Legends you gain eggs when you breed two monsters together at breeding mountain, as already explained in the breeding section above when you breed two different monsters from different elements, you will breed what is known as a hybrid monster.

For instance if you breed a nature element monster with a fire element monster you will receive an egg which will hatch and grow into a hybrid monster of both nature and fire elements.

As an example of how eggs hatch and grow along with their corresponding levels, below you will see a chart of all the common eggs and how they hatch and grow with their respective levels.

NameLevel 0Level 1-3Level 4-6Level 7-40
Fire Lion
Thunder Eagle
Light Spirit


A relatively new feature within Monster Legends are temples, these temples are a great addition because usually you could only level monster up to level 10, however with temples placed within the respective monster’s habitat it is possible to level up further than level 10.

As there are eight basic habitats, there are also 8 basic temples which must be placed in their corresponding habitat, which can then be used to level up the monster in that habitat further. In regards to hybrid monsters which are a combination or offspring of two different elements, the temples of both respective elements must be used, there for you will require far more resources to level up a hybrid.

To give you an idea of temple levels, the resources, money/gold, experience and time needed you can see a chart of the fire temple below.

Fire Temple
LevelAvailablePriceExperienceTimeMax Level
1Level 7100010001 hour15
2Level 14130,000130,0004 hours20
3Level 241,000,0001,000,0008 hours30
4Level 291,500,0001,500,00012 hours40
5Level 342,500,0002,500,00018 hours55
6Level 373,000,0003,000,0001 day70
7Level 404,000,0004,000,0001.5 days85
8Level 435,000,0005,000,0002 days100


Each monster has strength and weakness versus an opposing monster, these strengths and weaknesses depend upon it’s own element and the element of the opposing monster. As a quick example a fire monster is strong against a nature monster, however it is weak against a water monster.

Knowing your monster’s strengths and weaknesses when in the arena is crucial to winning the fight, your monster’s special and unique skills also come into play, knowing your monster’s elemental strengths and weaknesses and knowing when and how to use your monster’s unique skill, will be the difference between winning and losing.

To get a better understanding of how strengths and weaknesses work within Monster Legends, check out the strength/weakness chart below which shows you the element of your chosen monster, the element/monster it is strong against and also the element/monster it is weak against.

ElementStrongest AgainstWeakest Against

Gold Farming

Gold is the money or currency within Monster Legends, so it is important to build up enough gold to be able to play the game efficiently. There is more than one way of earning gold, some are better than others but generally the most usual ways of farming or earning gold are:

  • Selling monsters, items or eggs.
  • Farming gold from your habitats.
  • Winning gold in the daily reward.
  • Clearing rubble and meteorites.
  • At the Dragon Market.

However, by far the most efficient and fastest way of earning the maximum amount of gold, is by the clever use of habitats and monsters which live inside of them. The idea is to breed monsters which have the highest GPM (Gold per Minute).

For example a popular method of farming gold is to build nature habitats and breed high GPM nature monsters, such as the Dragonian Beast and Pandakens. This is a good technique for less experience or lower level players, alternatively an even better method is to use Legendary monsters and habitats for farming gold.

With the Legendary gold farming technique, monsters such as Rockantium, Vadamagma or Nemestrinus are often placed inside level 1 legendary habitats and then maximized further by using the gold booster.

For a much more detailed gold farming guide you can check out this page.

Monster Legends Hack, Cheats and Mod APK

Update April 2017

Due to massive demand and countless emails asking for us to provide a free working hack for Monster Legends, we have decided to create a page for an online monster legends hack generator. Thank you to -Team GM H@ck Squad- for providing the Monster Legends hack for us to use on this website.

The hack is updated frequently by the team behind it, although here at Monster Legends we do not hack or cheat ourselves, but if that’s your thing and you would like to test it out you can find the Monster Legends hack here

Whatever game you play there are always going to be hackers and Monster Legends is no exception. It seems there are hacks available, we have never used these hacks so cannot vouch for them. We do not recommend using a monster legends hack or trying to cheat the game, if you cannot play the game properly then we suggest not playing at all.

So you might be wondering how do people hack monster legends? Well if you just want to know because you are curious, the most popular way of hacking or cheating monster legends is by using a hack generator or hack injector, there are websites which allow you to put in your name and it will inject gold, food .etc into your account.

Again we have never tried this ourselves so cannot confirm whether this is the case or not and we do not recommend you try it either as it ruins the game for everyone else. Another method for cheating the game is a “mod apk”, again we cannot say if this method works as we have never tried it, but judging from the so called name “mod apk” I would assume it is a modified game file of some kind.