Monster Legends Hack – Unlimited Food, Gold and Gems

While it is true that Monster Legends is incredibly fun and addictive to play without hacks, having access to a Monster Legends hack just makes the game so much easier and game progression can be had with the click of a button. We do not personally use hacks ourselves here at Monster Legends Hub, but we do understand that the game can be extremely time consuming, and a lot of you just want to be able to skip the grind of the game and quickly gain access to much stronger monsters.

How To Hack Monster Legends

There are multiple ways of “hacking” or cheating in monster legends, but by far the easiest method is to use a game asset generator, (to use our monster legends hack click here). So how does this type of hack actually work? In a very brief explanation of the monster legends hack, without going into too much detail (for obvious reasons) the following explanation will shed some light on how the hack actually works.

In layman’s terms, what happens is that you input your game username, the monster legends hack generator will then connect to the game api and search for your username, once it has found your username it will then “clone” the client side header files of your account and trick the server into accepting the amount of game assets you selected.

But how monster legends hackdoes it do this? Well we do not want to give too much information away here, as these types of hacks are constantly being patched, so we do not want to make it easier for developers to patch the monster legends hack method in question. But what I can tell you is that there are hundreds of other monster legends accounts which are used to “seed” the assets by way of cloning header files on the client side.

What About Using A Monster Legends Hack APK?

It is also entirely possible to hack or cheat in monster legends by downloading a separate modified game file, this modified monster legends hack apk file will then spoof the original code and inject the modified hack into the game via the client side code.

Should You Use a Monster Legends APK Hack Tool?

The simple answer to this is no, there are a couple of reasons why we think you should avoid using a modified apk file. The first and most important reason why you should avoid using a monster legends hack tool or apk, is that the majority of these files are actually malicious in their intent.

What does that mean? Basically you are offering access to your device (Android, Ios, Facebook .etc). This means that the hack apk could include malicious code which could secretly gain access to your device through a back door exploit, which can then be used for many nefarious reasons.

The second reason we would avoid using a monster legends apk file or hack tool, is simply because these types of hacks are actually quite easy to detect. The majority of the websites providing these types of hacks are not regularly updated, with the majority of the provider’s sole intent being to gain access to devices as just discussed. Therefore you could easily end up losing access to your player account, and also be blacklisted or hardware banned from the game permanently.

Both of these downsides to using a hack apk can be avoided by using the previously mentioned online monster legends hack generator here, the hack generator provided on Monster Legends Hub is updated frequently, thus completely avoiding detection. What’s more, due to the generator being ran “in the cloud” and only requiring your game username to work, it does not give unnecessary access to your device or account.

What Are The Downsides To Using The Monster Legends Hack Generator?

OK so you think you would like to use the hack generator we provide but you are unsure. This is completely understandable, we actually avoided producing and offering a hack for a long time because morally we do not agree with hacking or cheating games.

So what changed our mind? The main reason we started offering a hack for the game is there was such a huge demand for this service, we were literally getting hundreds of emails asking for a way to cheat the game by using a monster legends hack.

Monster Legends Hub was started to provide help, advice and solutions to players, that is the sole purpose of this entire website, so for us to deny our users when so many of them want access to a game hack would go against what this site provides.

The second reason we figured was a good reason for providing a hack to our users is that Monster Legends is such a time consuming game, many of our readers work full time jobs or are full time students and simply do not have the time to grind away for hours, yet they still want to be able to enjoy the game.

OK so we’ve explained why we made the hack, what are the downsides? The most basic answer to this question is… there aren’t any!

Not in terms of danger of being permanently banned, putting your device at risk or costing you any money. The only draw back to using our hack is that we now require verification, we used to offer the hack without verification but our servers were literally flooded with so many requests, that it was obvious automated bots were being used to inject game assets into thousands of accounts (we suspect these accounts were then being sold).

We then tried out a few different captcha services to stop these automated bots from using the monster legends game hack generator, while these worked incredibly well to begin with, the bot makers soon avoided these too using a captcha breaking service.

So our final and current solution to this problem which works for everyone (thanks to Chucky456 for this suggestion) was to use a survey/offer service prior to injecting the assets into your account. This works great because not only does it 100% completely stop bots from killing our servers, but it also helps us to earn a little bit of money, which goes towards paying for the upkeep of this popular hack.

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